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Xingwei Cultural Astronomy and Astrology Research Institute focuses on teaching, communication and cultural research in Astrology. Aiming at promoting multicultural communication and transmission, we are positioned as important communication platform between China and the west. We devote ourselves to increasing China’s influence in Astronomy and Astrology cultural study. We are headquartered in Shenzhen, China and have branch offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles. 
In academic research, our staff currently concentrate on theoretical study of cultural astrology and financial astrology, including but not limited to comparative studies of Chinese and Western occultism involving history, philosophy and sociology, the application of financial astrology in the Chinese market, the construction of quantitative models, and so on.


Xingwei offers courses on Astrology and Thoth tarot, also provides counseling research projects. Via micro online class, offline lectures and events, face-to-face and online courses, we work on helping Astrology fans and students who target at becoming professional astrologers, spreading  international astrology research findings and system knowledge in class, leading them to improve their self-awareness, enhance their professional skills, use astrology to serve themselves and others, and realize their unique life value in this challenging, growing and intelligent path of seeking knowledge.



Head Tutor - Karen Shan

Karen has finished all 9 modules at Faculty of Astrological Studies, and gained STA’s Horary and Medical astrology Practitioner Certificate. She is also a student of STA Hoary Master Course.

Karen has been teaching astrology since 2013 in mainland China. She is also a professional astrology periodical author and columnist in magazines.

Karen was a guest tutor of EF English Education South China and special guest of Shenzhen Radio and Television Group.

Tutor - Mengyao

Taught by many of the world's top astrologers

Study at Faculty of Astrological Studies

Research interests:

Financial Astrology in quantitative investment, career development and self-value realization, comparative cultural study between Chinese and Western Astrology


National Senior Psychological Consultant

Investor and Consultant of several high-tech companies and a private equity

Senior Executive of a Hong Kong main board listed company

BA at Tsinghua University

MPhil at Hong Kong University


Qin LU


PhD in French Literature at Sorbonne University, MA at Fudan University, BA at Beijing language and culture University

Alma Wong


PhD and MPhil in Political Science and Sociology at University of Leuven, BA in history at Beijing Normal University

Chen Liu


PhD in History at Kyoto University (Top 2 in Japan), MA and BA in History at Tsinghua University

Research Staff of Cultural Astrology

Research Staff of Financial Astrology

Zhetong Li


MA in Financial Investment of Durham University, BA in Quantitative Finance of Wuhan University, FRM financial risk manager, Certified National Artificial Intelligence Core Talent, former trading risk analyst of Barclays Capital (London), quantitative analyst of M&G Investment (London) and senior manager of China Financial Futures Exchange. The products he managed are ranked among the best in the industry for many times.

Yue Dai


Graduated from Tongji University with a bachelor degree of engineering, then studied at Yale University, New Haven University, and Fordham University and got a master's degree in environmental engineering and a master's degree in business administration. He was chief quantitative strategy analyst of ten-billion-level private equity. The product strategy he managed has an overall Sharpe ratio of 3.4 and an annualized return of over 40%.



Karen Shan


Founder, Professional astrology course tutor for more than 10 years in Guangdong, China, Columnist of Women’s Daily, China's top 10 media brands, Guest lecturer of EF Education, Consultant of Shenzhen Broadcast Group



Co-founder, National Senior Psychological Consultant
Investor and Consultant of several high-tech companies and a private equity
Senior Executive of a Hong Kong main board listed company
BA at Tsinghua University.
MPhil at Hong Kong University

Wuqiang Xu


Co-founder, Former vice dean of Shenzhen Institute of Sun Yat-sen University, PhD in Business Management at Bulacan State University, Master in Computer Science at Sun Yat-sen University

Rachel Wei


Director of Operation and Course Management, BA in Business English and Translation of  Guangxi Normal University,National senior translator diploma holder with eight years of management experience of investment and operation in listing company

Xing Lu


Director of Operation and Course Management, UX designer, Visual designer, Multimedia artist, an active user of various social media platforms. B.Arch at South China University of Technology, China; MFA in Media Design Practices at Art Center College of Design, United States


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