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Xingwei Cultural Astronomy and Astrology Research Institute focuses on teaching, communication and cultural research in Astrology. Aiming at promoting multicultural communication and transmission, we are positioned as important communication platform between China and the west. We devote ourselves to increasing China’s influence in Astronomy and Astrology cultural study. We are headquartered in Shenzhen, China and have branch offices in Shanghai and Los Angeles. 

In academic research, our staff currently concentrate on theoretical study of cultural astrology and financial astrology, including but not limited to comparative studies of Chinese and Western occultism involving history, philosophy and sociology, the application of financial astrology in the Chinese market, the construction of quantitative models, and so on.
Xingwei offers courses on Astrology and Thoth tarot, also provides counseling research projects. Via micro online class, offline lectures and events, face-to-face and online courses, we work on helping Astrology fans and students who target at becoming professional astrologers, spreading  international astrology research findings and system knowledge in class, leading them to improve their self-awareness, enhance their professional skills, use astrology to serve themselves and others, and realize their unique life value in this challenging, growing and intelligent path of seeking knowledge.



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