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March 21st 2019

Dear Fellow Star-Gazers,

Happy Full Moon and Happy Equinox!

That these celestial events coincide is significant: indicating an emotional change of seasons and craving for fresh direction. Chiron conjoins the Sun within twenty four hours of the Equinox: a coincidence that suggested that this was going to be an important period for the world, - with crisis and chaos likely to be much-used terms in news bulletins.

Those familiar with the chart for the United Kingdom will be unsurprised that this week has brought a  constitutional crisis. This Full Moon alignment configures with Uranus (the disrupter) in the chart for January 1st 1801. That Prime Minister May chose March 29th - very close to this alignment and EXACTLY on Mercury's Pisces station - carrying with it themes of confusion and chaos, could be viewed as unfortunate! yet 'written in the stars'.

It has now been suggested that Brexit will be delayed by a few months. For me, the possibilities are September 2019 or December 2020. Though I don't have a timed chart for Prime Minister May, it may be that she resigns between this Full Moon and the next.

As explained in earlier newsletters, the chart for the European Union is under increasing stress and it is hard to see how it will survive in its present form. By 2025, a new union or collaboration will surely need to be in place. Brexit, whenever it takes place, will surely mark just the beginning of the break-up.

Fact is that we are in the early stages of a new political age. No, this will not be an exact replay of the 1930s (Uranus' last visit to Taurus) though the potential for extreme views rising to the surface and bringing in their wake war and displacement makes drawing parallels with that earlier time, obvious.

Uranus re-entered Taurus (from the geocentric perspective) on March 6th and since then the world has felt to be a less safe place. Whilst atrocities are carried out daily (and we don't hear of them all) events in Christchurch have dominated the news. The atrocity was unthinkable and shocking. Events there though offer an example of the negative forces associated with Uranus' move into Taurus and the emergence of right wing fanatics. It will surely take enormous political will to deliver safety, security and freedoms to citizens everywhere: though that wilfulness will also be an example of determination to put in place new structures: Uranus demands a radical approach.

We will all be affected. You likely won't have to look far to see evidence (especially in the lives of those born under Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius: the Fixed signs) of altered behaviour and revised aims and objectives.

It is not uncommon for emotional - and violent - behavior to be apparent at a Full Moon. Security services across the world may be particularly stretched at this March Full Moon given the planetary picture of which it is part. Yet I am as concerned about the days following the NEXT Full Moon. Increased terrorism is as likely as volatile share movement between April 19th and 24th.


Stock markets don't always react to political or even natural disaster. It seems reasonable though, that since some indices turned downward at Mercury's station on March 6th, that these indices will alter direction from April 3rd: most likely moving upward into Jupiter's parallel with Pluto (a wealth cycle). April 10th/11th, as Jupiter arrives at its retrograde station could mark another step change.

Investors might be wise to take strategic action to protect their long term position in April. Strategies of course vary from person to person and from generation to generation. What seems likely is that the next Full Moon on 19th April will see significant turbulence.


I will be interested to see if the gold index rises between April 4th and 13th. This may be linked to steps taken at Mercury's station on March 29th. Yes, there are International bank rule changes scheduled to apply from this date - and these will surely be major factors. I remain of the opinion that the gold index will rise in the coming months: reaching a high in February/March 2020.


The manuscript for my new book, 'Navigating the Financial Universe' is with the editor and will be available at the NCGR conference in Baltimore. 

This new book covers the next 10 years. It obviously doesn't cover the coming weeks which could be epic in political and financial terms!

Even without this consideration I am going to suggest that you use this Full Moon as a marker to give yourself a financial deep or spring-clean. Determine your position and make contact with your financial advisor. Ahead of the financial rapids that may lie in wait at next month's Full Moon, this could be a wise move.


I am delighted to tell you that thanks to the dedication of one of the South Florida Association members, Henry, that recordings of the recent event there with my friend and colleague, Priscilla Costello, are available.  

For now, I am back to research and the property work I began at the end of last year. Thank you again to those who provided data.

Until next time

Yours from the stars 


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